Why Destratification?

Why Destratification?

From the Carbon Trust, one of the world’s leading authorities on climate protection and sustainability…

“The fastest growing and most simple energy reduction initiative—for both existing and new build facilities—is thermal destratification, one of the top carbon reducers for any type of building.”


Trapped air is a challenge in every building. It is the result of a naturally occurring pattern of physics called “air stratification” and is beyond the scope of HVAC systems.

Air becomes stratified as heat rises naturally, leaving the coolest air to remain at the floor. Since heat rises at .7o for every foot of vertical height, a building with 20’ ceilings will always be approximately 15o warmer at the ceiling than the floor.

Air-Row Fans “destratify” buildings by gathering this air trapped at the ceiling and bringing in to the floor. In perfecting this process of destratification, we normalize the temperature from floor to ceiling and bring “targeted” air to where it is needed down below.


Click left for a virtual demo of the destratification process as mastered by Air-Row Fans.